Frequently Asked Questions

Elution time?
Standard calibrated elution time makes butane peak at 2 minutes. For Mainlog users, a cycle time of 205 seconds.
What software is compatible with your equipment?
Successfully paired with Mainlog and Vlog. Will work with any software compatible with Modbus 485 format.
What is the cost per unit?
$8,000 USD.
What sensors do you use?
Delphian CC and TC hotwire and bead sensors.
Do you rent or lease your equipment?
Our equipment is available for purchase only.
What type of support do you offer? What about repairs?
Phone support comes standard with our techs. We can repair units for a charge of $400 USD and complete them within 5 business days.
Is there a warranty?
We cover 90 days free of defects under normal operating conditions.


About Our Company

In 2004 Ray Meech introduced his BluRay total gas detector and chromatograph to the mud logging industry. It was a cost effective and reliable alternative to the much more costly equipment dominating the market. In 2011 Ray retired and sold his company to Mudlogging Gas Detection Systems (MGDS) of Carlsbad New Mexico. Ray spent months of hands-on training with our engineers until he was satisfied that the units were being built and calibrated properly. Since then MGDS has produced and sold over 75 of the Precision gas detectors.

Our staff has taken the original unit and upgraded many aspects in order to utilize more robust and dependable electronic components that were not available when the unit was first designed. We continue to make improvements to ensure that our gas detectors are the most stable and reliable on the market while also keeping the price low. With its compact size, reliability, and simplicity of operation, the MGDS Precision gas detector/chromatograph is the obvious best choice for the mud logging industry.

MGDS also offers technical support, maintenance and repair services after the sale. We know that downtime is critical in this industry. Our technicians can resolve most issues over the phone, and we guarantee the fastest possible turnaround on units sent to our facility for repair-your machine takes precedence when it arrives for repairs.

For more information please contact Corky Stewart or Ben Baggs at 575-887-1483.

The MGDS Team

Corky Stewart

Armando Garcia
Design & Engineering

Ben Baggs
Lead Design & Engineering